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New Book: How to Quit Your Job

I want to quit my job and Đi Tu, vô lượng kiếp sinh tử rồi làm hoài cũng tay không! Đã qúa mõi mệt, kiếp này là kiếp sau cùng Tôi xin phát nguyện Xuất Gia cầu giải thoát
I want to quit my job and Đi Tu, vô lượng kiếp sinh tử rồi làm hoài cũng tay không! Đã qúa mõi mệt, kiếp này là kiếp sau cùng Tôi xin phát nguyện Xuất Gia cầu giải thoát

How to Quit Your Job The Ultimate Guide to Leaving a Job Gracefully by Andrew G. Rosen Founder & Publisher @jobacle

Copyright © 2011 All rights reserved. The Exit Guide: How to Leave a Job the Right Way | ©Copyright


"If you're thinking of leaving your job, The Exit Guide will help you cover all the bases. Don't leave work without it!" - Penelope Trunk, Founder, Brazen Careerist

This book is a MUST-READ if you want to keep your reputation intact and ensure you'll be able to take advantage of new opportunities in the future. They say, 'when one door closes, another opens,' but what if you need to go back and open the closed door? i.e. get a reference, apply for a different job where the manager is a co-worker of yours from the old firm, etc.

How you shut that door in the past will determine how easy it opens!" - J.T. O'Donnell, Nationally Syndicated Career Expert & Author of CAREEREALISM: The Smart Approach to A Satisfying Career "How many times in your life do you get to quit a job? Hopefully not too often. But when you do it, you'll want to do it right! Quit with style, class and forethought. The Exit Guide is your best resource and will give you tips every step along the way. - Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer and author of "Happy Hour is 9 to 5" "Finally, a reference tool for all of us who are leaving our jobs.

Too many people make crucial mistakes in the excitement of either moving up for a new job or the disappointment in leaving the company...this book will help keep the emotions out of it. It is an important subject long ignored by career experts. Not any longer. - G.L. Hoffman, Chairman of JobDig and owner of What Would Dad Say? I've read a lot of career books and blogs that all tell you how to get a job. But this is the first that tells you how to leave a job.

Do it right, and you will reap more benefits than you know Do it wrong, and it could negate all of the hard work you've put into finding a new job. This offering from Jobacle has been a long time coming, and I can't wait to see what Andrew has in store for us next. My recommendation? Buy two--one for you and one for a friend. They'll thank you for it! - Ben Eubanks, HR blogger and founder of UpstartHR

"The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning". - Former U.S. Treasurer Ivy Baker Priest The Exit Guide: How to Leave a Job the Right Way | ©Copyright



RESIGNATION LETTER Why it’s essential


THE FINAL TWO WEEKS Part 1: Saying Goodbye Writing letters…….6

A plan to stay calm……………....7 Going out for drinks………..9


Watch Your Back Cleaning up and clearing out……………10

Write your own legacy………………………………….…………11

5 must-follow rules………......................................……….12


LETTERS Frequently asked questions…………………….…..….14


EXIT INTERVIEW Verbal and written traps………………………17

What to expect…………………………………………………………..19


Maintaining contact…………………………………………………….20

Making updates………………………………………………………….…21


ABOUT THE AUTHOR ……………….………………….22

The material in The Exit Guide may not be rewritten, republished or redistributed. All graphics in The Exit Guide have been purchased for use and are protected under international copyright laws.

The information provided in The Exit Guide is offered as-is, without warranty and the reader assumes all risks from using the information herein. The Exit Guide and disclaims any and all liability from the use of the information provided. The Exit Guide: How to Leave a Job the Right Way | ©Copyright


Sayonara! Arivaderchi! Goodbye and good riddance!

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Or is it? Let's be honest, when it comes to leaving your place of employment, saying goodbye can be downright exhilarating. Unlike waving to a loved one as you board a plane, when you leave a job, you are likely not thinking of reconnecting at a later date. Your departure probably feels like the final step of the long and grueling process known as the job search. Combine the excitement of moving on with the illusion of "the end" and you'll start to understand why so many people fumble the ball right before the goal line during the last play of the game. The consequences might not be immediate, but that doesn't mean they won't be severe. Leaving a job is an art form – one that most people will never perfect. Why? Because it's something we only do a handful of times in our lives. Practice is not an option. That is why it is imperative to get it right. In a world where there are already too many career advice books, we couldn't help but notice that 99% of them are about landing a job, not leaving one. A graceful exit sets you up for your next job, therefore making it the first true step of the job search.

This eBook is written to protect YOU, the everyday hard-working individual who seeks a fair paycheck and rewarding work. At times this guide might appear to expect the worst from the employer we are leaving behind. This is often the exception, not the rule. However, in order to best protect yourself, we believe this mindset is a necessary evil. With that being said, let's get packing, it's time to leave your job...the right way! Every end is a new beginning, so let's get started.

K E Y I N F O Author Andrew G. Rosen is the founder of, an award-winning career advice blog and podcast that has been helping employees make work better since 2005. The Exit Guide: How to Leave a Job the Right Way | ©Copyright

The Final Two Weeks: Resignation Letter 3


Exiting a job conjures up different emotions for different people. For some, it's vindication; a chance to show your boss that you're no longer shackled to your desk. That you're worth something. Desired. For others, leaving a post is as nerve-wracking as jumping from a plane without a parachute. One of the tools in your arsenal to help eliminate emotion overload and keep you on-point is a resignation letter. Cut and dry in nature, this letter is designed as a courtesy to the employer, delivering transition information while giving you one final opportunity to display your professionalism. You should always resign from a post in-person to your direct supervisor. Handing in an official resignation letter has several important functions: PROOF. Here's the story of Mike, a hard-working cubicle dweller at BS Corp. for the past six years. After accepting an amazing job offer from the competition, Mike sat down with his direct supervisor and verbally delivered the news of his imminent departure. For the next 10 days Mike quietly toiled away, tying up all unfinished projects and performing his job dutifully until the end. In a chance encounter, Mike bumped into the head of HR in the hallway. "Hi Doug," Mike said. "I was wondering if I'll have to do an Exit Interview." The look on Doug's face said it all; Mike's pending exit was news to him. Whether the supervisor’s decision keep Mike's two weeks notice from HR was born out of spite or forgetfulness is irrelevant. The bottom line is that there are no winners in this situation. The manager looks silly, the employee can be resented, and HR has to scramble to fill the job.

K E Y I N F O Keep in mind that when you leave a job, it might cast your manager in a poor light. Give them time to digest the information. Do not take their initial reaction personally. The Exit Guide: How to Leave a Job the Right Way | ©Copyright

The Final Two Weeks: Resignation Letter 4

A written letter lets you hold on to something tangible. It also allows you to follow up after the meeting. Even if you have physically handed the letter to your boss, be sure to send an electronic version immediately afterward. This will attach a date stamp to your actions. Doug, Just to follow up on our meeting several minutes ago, attached is my official letter of resignation. Thanks, Mike There's no need to reiterate the points already in the letter. Short and sweet will get the job done.

ELIMINATES CONFUSION. A resignation letter should clearly indicate the exact date you will be severing your ties with the organization. Please be advised that Wednesday, June 1, 2011 will be my final day here at BS Corp. Confirming your date of separation will ensure that everybody can stay organized during this time of transition.

PROFESSIONAL. With the world texting in sick to work and increasingly communicating via electronics, a printed letter still adds a level of professional credibility to your actions. Despite the move to digital media, most of the world can still appreciate a physical letter; something they can hold on to. ORGANIZED. Be sure to file a copy of the letter in your personal files. Keep a hard copy and send it in an e-mail to an address you frequently use. This information will come in useful down the road when additional updates to your resume are necessary. While many employers will not verify all of the information on your CV, the most likely shred of data that they will validate are the dates of employment. This letter puts the important date at your fingertips.

K E Y I N F O Be prepared for a counteroffer. Have a solid idea of what you are willing to accept. There’s a reason you decided to move on – don’t lose sight of it. The Exit Guide: How to Leave a Job the Right Way | ©Copyright

The Final Two Weeks: Resignation Letter 5




if you want to quit your job and Đi Tu, because of vô lượng kiếp sinh tử rồi làm hoài cũng tay không! Đã qúa mõi mệt, kiếp này là kiếp sau cùng Tôi xin phát nguyện Xuất Gia cầu giải thoát, So This book is a MUST‐READ and BUY at:

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