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Spirituality and Healing – Pháp Chữa Trị Vết Thương Tinh Thần


Spirituality and Healing -- E-Temple: HoPhap.Net

Spirituality and Healing

As important characteristic of a person who is most resilient to coping and dealing with life’s stresses and reducing risk of depression, is having a sense of spirituality – defined here as having a passion for life, feeling a connection with the life around you and feeling that you are a part of a larger world.  Having a spiritual guide on how to live in hardmony with the world is central to many spiritual beliefs and cultures.  Spirituality keeps you grounded, keeps you humble, and reminds you that you are surrounded by many good things, helping you to not focus too much on the negative.

Spiritual growth can refer to the transformation of one’s life evnergy to learn the truth about the world and oneself and gain mastery over one’s fears.  It can be the ability to combine self love and love for the world with the intent to live in harmony with who we are, with those we love, and with our environment.  Spiritual growth is a journey to fearlessly discovering how to best use one’s talents and passions in order to strive for our ideals and goals.  It provides us with a positive approach to look at life as an adventure, creating new goals, and taking bold steps towards reaching those goals.

A sense of spirituality allows you to feel in touch with something bigger than yourself, a stronger energy that promotes healing, makes things want to grow and evolve.  It helps you to trust your capacity to heal yourself, move forward little by little, step by step, and gain confidence that you will be all right.

Getting in touch with your spiritual part is a way to find clarity, to feel centered and balanced by learning to experience calmness and peace within yourself and you personal space, while also being able to observe the larger picture of your life, to see what’s most important and be able to let go of what is negative and unhealhty.  Being spiritual is being able to be in touch with that part of you that chooses to heal, grow, and wants to be healthy.  It helps you to feel separate from your struggles, and hardships, to believe and trust that you are more than just a hurt human being with the capacity to heal and overcome adversity.

Take time each day to be grateful for the simple things, the beauty around you, in nature and in good people.  Enjoy and take pleasure in smelling flowers, singing or listening to music, taking in the sounds of nature, and in trying to be fully intimate with others.  Trust that there is a lot more goodness in the world than bad and that you can be and are a part of a positive engery that connects you with the rest of the world and gives meaning and purpose to your existence.

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