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What Can 50 Million People Change? - Sức Mạnh Của Cộng Đồng

What Can 50 Million People Change?
What Can 50 Million People Change?


The day you signed your first petition, you became part of something big. Now, people everywhere are making change -- and you’re a part of it.

Last week, reached 50 million users worldwide. That’s the size of Facebook in 2007 or Twitter in 2009. But this platform isn’t just about signatures or shares: it helps you win the change you want to see.

Every month, millions of people just like you win hundreds of victories through 

What can 50 million people change? It turns out, a lot.

In India, Laxmi – a young woman who survived a brutal acid attack – won her campaign to regulate the sale of acid nationwide. Her petition was one of a flood of powerful campaigns started by survivors and families to protect India’s women from abuse. 

In Thailand, rural teacher Ajarn Chatchawan’s petition helped save thousands of village schools from closure -- hitting the front pages of national newspapers and changing the  Education Minister’s mind. 

Here in the U.S., a soldier won a visa for the Afghan translator who saved his life, and a part-time nanny collected 300,000 signatures to keep Bank of America from introducing debit card fees. After dozens of targeted petitions, the Boy Scouts finally ended their ban on gay scouts. And on other issues, thousands of individual stories and smaller local petitions are adding up to big change.  

Across continents, campaigns against government corruption are shifting power back to people

In Indonesia, President Yudyohono publicly supported a petition championing investigation of police corruption and misconduct. 

In Brazil this year, after politicians tried to give themselves immunity from corruption charges, prosecutors started a swarm of petitions which climaxed in street protests and a dramatic victory. 

And it’s not just governments: companies from Coca-Cola and Ford to small businesses are changing their ways in response to your campaigns.

These are only glimpses of the larger picture. On thousands of issues big and small, you’ve changed lives, communities, and even countries for the better. 

Already, there are more stories than anyone can tell. And we’re all just getting started. 

Click here now to see the inspiring story of how 50 million people have used so far.

Thank you for being so incredible, 

The team 

P.S. You can start your own petition by clicking here.

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